In 1974 Michael organized a group of 10 people to form the Langham Cultural Society and
write it's Constitution and by-laws.

Langham Cultural Society History

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MICHAEL GUTHRIE Michael and Darelyn Guthrie; Owners of this ground breaking coffee house venue:
Kaslo B.C. '73-'79

Village Green Cafe


Live Music

Michael at: Crossroads - Bellevue, WA
Photo by Anita LaFranchi

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Mississippi Blues

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Baby Please Don't Go:

Steel Guitar Rag

Michael and Joli Guthrie


" Michael Guthrie is the 'Real Deal', a true Songster in the tradition of Mance Lipscomb or Big Joe Williams.
His playing is a treat to hear. "
Richard Metzner, host of "Make Room for the Blues" KCR, Nelson B.C.

“A world class performer.”
Peter Jordan, North Coast Folk Festival

“Michael Guthrie is the real deal, a throwback to the 60’s who sings music from the heart in the old style, my kind of folkie! Thanks for keeping the old music alive!"
Carl Allen, The Wanderers

“Michael Guthrie is a wonderful blend of bluesman, folksinger, storyteller, singer-songwriter, and he also plays songs by the many friends he has made in years of performing.”
Dick Weissman, The Journeyman / Portland Folk Music Society

In June, 2007, Michael Guthrie was featured on Tom May’s nationally syndicated radio show “River City Folk” which airs on 180 FM stations across N. America and is featured 5 days a week on XM Satellite Radio, Channel 15 “The Village

Michael Guthrie has recently perfromed around the Pacific NW at :
Portland Folk Music Society concert series 2009. Juan de Fuca Festival 2008-10. North Coast Folk Festival 2008--09. Tumbleweed Music Festival 2003--12. Langham Theatre 2004 - 06 - 10.
Hank and Kit Crammer’s Pine Stump Synphony 2009. Pike market Buskers Festival 2008--09
NW Folklife Festival 2005. Three Rivers Folklore Society Coffee House 2010, Cascade Coffee House 2010. Yakima Folk Festival 2005--10. Troll Radio Review KMUN Astoria, OR
The Barn in Everett, WA 2010. Pacific NW Folklore Society Coffee House series 2010.

THANKS MIKE for your great music yesterday!! the music really helped pull all of us together. Would you be willing to sing at upcoming rallies and vigils? Please stay in touch with us Vic. Ballard Peace Activists

Moorafa is a word which I made up as a name for one of my instrumental works on the CD. "Moor" is from the word moorish (the Moors from Africa) and "afa" is some of the letters from the word Africa.

My musical influences are: Folk, Jazz, Blues, Pop, Flamenco, Country and Rock etc. I like most forms of music, as long as it comes from the heart.

I like to explore different instruments, as well as different styles, which led me to perform all the instruments on this CD. I also couldn't afford to pay other musicians.

I have helped many musicians in my travels. I ran a coffee house in British Columbia, (the Village Green Cafe' '73 - '79), with my late wife, Darelyn Guthrie. I also had the vision to form the "Langham Cultural Society" in Kaslo, B.C., which still operates today. Many of the activities at the Langham evolved out of the Village Green Cafe's art shows, live music and dance.

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First Brown Radio

Interviewed by:
Randy Morse
"Radio Free Kaslo"
CJLY Kootenay Co-op Radio
Nelson B.C., Canada

Radio for Langham 40th Interview

Interview by"
Richard Metzner's
"Make Room for the Blues"

CJLY Kootenay Co-op Radio
Nelson, B.C. Canada
Langham 40th Anniversay



Green Radio

Michael is featured on Tom May's nationally syndicated radio show "River City Folk"
WFMT Radio Network
Omaha, Nebraska



Brown Radio

Judith Miller's
"The Raggle Taggle Gypsy"
KPSU - Portland, Oregon




Whte Radio

Origins of the
Langham Cultural Society
Bill Metcalf - CJLY
Nelson, B.C. Canada


Interview and songs on
"Lunch with Folks"
Ginger Hopper
KBCS - Bellevue, WA
"Music in the Scuplture Garden"
at History House